Diadem Pro Feel Overgrip 3 Pack

Diadem Pro Feel Overgrip 3 Pack

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Introducing Diadem's new Pro Feel Overgrip - comfort and control in the palm of your hand - the perfect partner for any pickleball player.

Unmatched Cushioning: Diadem's overgrip provides superior cushioning, allowing you to play with absolute comfort. Feel the reduction in vibration and impact, resulting in reduced hand fatigue during those extended matches. Say goodbye to the discomfort of strenuous play, and hello to hours of pure enjoyment. All of this in only .6mm thickness, an almost unnoticeable addition to your grip size.

Exceptional Absorption: You'll be amazed by the moisture-wicking capabilities of this overgrip. Whether it's sweat from intense rallies or the unpredictable elements, this grip keeps your hands dry and in control. The advanced technology in this overgrip ensures that you maintain a firm hold, no matter how intense the competition gets.

Unrivaled Durability: Diadem understands the importance of longevity in a paddle overgrip, which is why Diadem built this grip to last. The combination of polyurethane and non-woven fabric allows it to withstand the rigors of your game, match after match. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a durable overgrip that won't wear out prematurely.

Perfect Amount of Long-Lasting Tackiness: Striking the perfect balance between tackiness and durability is what sets the Pro Feel overgrip apart. Experience the confidence of a secure grip without worrying about it becoming slick over time. It remains consistently tacky, ensuring precise control over your shots.

With the Polyurethane and Non-Woven Fabric Paddle Overgrip, you're not just buying a grip; you're investing in your performance and comfort on the court. Experience the cushioning, absorption, durability, and long-lasting tackiness you've been searching for. Grab yours now and dominate the court like never before!

Thickness 0.6mm
Width - 25mm
Length - 1,130mm


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Pickleball is a simple paddle game played with a net and on a court, similar to tennis.

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