Gearbox Vision Eyewear - Black Frame Smoke Lens

Gearbox Vision Eyewear - Black Frame Smoke Lens

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The Gearbox Vision Protective Eyewear will keep your eyes safe while helping to maintain clear visibility wherever you play pickleball. Designed with an anti-fog coating and UV 400 rating, players will maintain sharp vision while ensuring stray pickleballs or paddles don't end up causing harm. They also have anti-scratch properties so they're less likely to be damaged or unusable after impact or accidental drops.

The Gearbox Vision Eyewear come in a variety of colors to best reduce glare depending on the type of natural or artificial lighting around your court:
  • Smoke - Outdoor
They include a storage case and weigh approximately 27 grams. Vision Eyewear by Gearbox make a useful accessory for staying protected during unexpected events and keeping your eye on pickleballs.


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