Tourna Pickleball Lead Tape

Tourna Pickleball Lead Tape

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Add power to your paddle with this roll of self adhesive lead tape. Each roll contains .7 of an ounce of weight. Each package contains one roll of lead tape that is 1/4 inch wide and 72 inches long. Peel off the wax paper on the back and apply to your paddle edge. The extra weight of lead acts to stabilize the paddle at impact to provide more punch and solid shots.
Tape weight .7 ounce Tape width 1/4 inch Tape length 72 inches Manufactured by Unique Sports
This product contains lead a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. It is recommended that gloves be used when handling this product.


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Pickleball is a simple paddle game played with a net and on a court, similar to tennis.

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