Zelus Sport Insoles
Zelus Sport Insoles
Zelus Sport Insoles
Zelus Sport Insoles
Zelus Sport Insoles Zelus Sport Insoles Zelus Sport Insoles Zelus Sport Insoles

Zelus Sport Insoles

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It is the patented SmartCells Cushioning that allows Zelus Insoles to take impact away from your body and provide energy return as you move. This unique SmartCells technology brings unparalleled cushioning to your feet and joints, while 30+ years of custom orthotics expertise and materials provide incredible support in an off-the-shelf insole. Zelus was created to help athletes prevent overuse injuries and stay pain-free so they can continue to do what they love.
It’s time to #FeelTheZeal.

The Zelus SPORT is the perfect combination of speed, durability, and performance. The SPORT features a signature suede top cover, a molded EVA arch, SmartCells Cushioning in the high impact areas, and an EVA mid-layer to give you comfort on and off the court. No matter your level of intensity, this insole is perfect for maximizing performance while also reducing impact and fatigue.


With every step you take, SmartCells are responding in unison to provide unparalleled support.


As pressure is applied, the cells compress and cushion your foot without ever bottoming out.


As weight is shifted, the cells respond and return energy back to your body like a spring.

Length: Full Length
SmartCells Location: Heel and Forefoot
Arch Support: Molded EVA Arch
Top Cover: Zelus Synthetic Suede
Shoe Types: Court shoes, runners, trainers, and boots

Zelus Insoles are ideal for Pickleball players: They feature Patented SmartCells Cushioning in the ball of your foot to protect you while on the kitchen line and also an orthotic-grade arch to provide the proper support your feet need when playing hours a day.

See why Tyler Loong, Chase Distefano, John Sperling, and Tom DeCaprio all choose Zelus when they play.


game played?!

Pickleball is a simple paddle game played with a net and on a court, similar to tennis.

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